The Sounds of Spring

robin and baby sounds of spring
Mother feeding baby robin at the horse riding stables
Robin redbreast at the horse riding stables
Baby chick robin at the horse riding stables
Robin in the nest at the horse riding stables

I love Spring. I love everything about this time of year, but what I love most is when all of the baby animals are beginning to venture out into the world. It is just adorable to see an animal take its first steps (or flight) and watch their natural instincts kick in as they learn the essential elements of life. This year has been even more exciting than normal as a robin decided to make her nest in one of the riding hats at the stables. Admittedly we did have to throw away the first nest that she made as she chose to make her home in one of the hats that was actually in regular use (much to Sarah’s disapproval!!). However, determined as ever, the little robin came back and re-made her nest just a few days after we had sadly destroyed her first one and so we relented and found her an old hat of her own! It has been lovely to watch her lay her eggs, virtually un-phased of our activity in the tack room that she based her home in unless we ventured a bit too close.

We’ve all been taking it in turns to have a little peak in at the nest over the last few weeks whenever the adult robins have been out searching for food and I was delighted to be able to watch, at such close proximity, the five eggs hatch into five little hungry and noisy baby robins!

Last week they took their first flight and left the nest, far too early seeing as none of them had any tail feathers, but as the parents have still been popping in and out with worms, I am remaining hopeful that at least some of the babies have successfully made it out into the big, wide world unscathed.

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