A Quick Life Update

quick life update

At the moment I feel like most of my blog posts begin or at least contain the phrase “I have so much work to do” but it is so true. Second year has completely swamped me and I’m feeling a bit lost as to where to start with my three essays – all of which are due in on the same day at the end of term. But it isn’t all bad, I’m off to London for lunch with old friends and a blogging event next week, I’m having a mini Christmas with my house mates next weekend and the weekend after that I will be heading home for Christmas! But instead of rambling on for ages today, and after seeing this on Megan’s blog, I thought that I would give you all a little insight into how my life is panning out right now at this moment in time…

quick life update

Reading: The Old English Baron by Clara Reeve, The Tempest by Shakespeare (obvs) and The Island of Doctor Moreau by H. G. Wells. Because my course is super lovely and likes to make us study three texts a week.

Watching: Scandal. My housemates and I are completely obsessed with it!

Buying: Food and a few Christmas gifts!

Listening: Next door and their constant 24/7 parties.

Feeling: Stressed about my uni assignment deadlines and excited for Christmas.

Planning: A charity event as a part of one of my modules, a trip to Switzerland in the new year and some summer travels too.

Wishing: That term would hurry up just a little bit as I can’t wait to get home for the Christmas holidays now.

Enjoying: Living with people that I actually get along with this year.

Eating: Very little thanks to my lack of monies.

Hoping: That I don’t fail these assignments.

Thinking: All the time about everything. I’ve forgotten what it is like to ‘switch off’

Lacking:Any motivation.

Trying: To remain positive.

Drinking: My emergency stash of PG Tips tea because I’ve run out of Yorkshire Gold and I’m too poor to buy my luxury tea.

Wanting: It to be December so that I can officially begin to get excited about Christmas without people telling me that it is too early!!

Cooking: Very simple meals because I’ve lost all motivation to make anything exciting.
Deciding: On which texts to use in my assignments!

Wearing: Whenever I’m home 100% my pyjamas. When out in public cosy jumpers, hoodies, my tartan scarf, my favourite mittens and anything else warm. Because comfort is key.

What have you been doing recently?

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