Hidden Deer

I think more than ever the phrase “life goes on” rings true at the moment. With the tragedies unfolding before our eyes across the world over the past week it would not have been surprising to see that the innocent had bowed down and given in to the terrors that have rocked our notions of what humanity is. And yet what we have actually seen as a result has been far from that as countries have united, citizens have stood up to voice their opinions and as one unified group we have grown powerful and have shown resilience in the face of terror.

Hidden Angel
Old vs New

Together we have shown that we will continue to honour those who have been lost, that we will not let their names be forgotten and that their lives will not go to waste but simultaneously we have shown that we will not back down. In the most thought-provoking way, the world has shown that life does go on even in the midst of a tragedy.

Even away from the large terrors that are gracing our planet right now I’ve seen a resilience in nature, right here in Reading. Not far from where I live there is a fork in the road, the streets are lined with shops and the cars race through there far faster they they should. But right in the midst of that man-made chaos stands a cemetery and already before I even step through the gates into it I am faced with a clear demonstration of life continuing on as the modern meets the old.

Cemetery Angel
Hidden Deer

I can see a place that highlights how the deaths of those who have come before us will be remembered, even as everyday life commences right around that spot. And then, as if that wasn’t a stark enough reminder, when I step across the threshold into that eerie ground I catch a glimpse of something from the corner of my eye. And just before I’m about to turn and leave, I see it again. But this time it’s closer. This time I can see the face of a deer peering through the bushes as it looks straight at me. And again the contrast of the living and the dead hits me. And right there in that moment I can see another act of that resilience. I can see a refusal to give in. I can see a reminder that the world will keep spinning, I can see that it will not fall because of the mindless acts of a minority and I can see that life goes on regardless of any challenges that it is faced with.

Life goes on

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