The Arrival of Autumn

girl sat with legs crossed in bed under a blanket with a cup of tea


The arrival of Autumn means that the academic year is beginning all over again and while that fills me with nothing but dread, the change in season is something that I can’t help but feel excited about. I don’t think I really have a favourite season; I love the change that Spring brings with it, Summer is all about having fun, Autumn is for fresh starts and Winter is all about family time. Instead of having a season that I pine for, I am instead drawn to the excitement that the shift brings as the world moves from one season into another.

I love watching the transition, whether that is the sight of new buds, the arrival of longer and warmer days, the fall of the leaves or the anticipation of snowfall. I love it all and I love each one in a different way.

Now, with it being September, Autumn has officially arrived but it has been the slow changes that have occurred since we swung rapidly into the ninth month that I have enjoyed witnessing. The weather has shifted and while I wasn’t quite ready to bid goodbye to the evenings that were spent in shorts and a vest top, I am now looking forward to the things that this new season will bring with it.


Right now I’m sat curled up in bed, with a throw draped over my legs, a tea to the side of me, my cats sleeping soundly next to me and the only sound I can hear is their slight snores and the pounding of the heavy rain against my window. This morning I went riding in a torrential downpour and it left me feeling as renewed as the new season. Returning home I quickly changed into warmer (dry) clothes and settled down for an afternoon of browsing Instagram, reading blogposts and writing about the changes rocking the natural world at the moment. There is something about the cosy feel of Autumn that leaves me feeling nostalgic and yet simultaneously, there is something futuristic about the departure of the summer. September leaves me looking to the future just as much as it has me pining for the past and as I sit here today, tapping away at my laptop, I can’t help but smile back on the memories that this year has brought with it while I equally scribble away plans for the coming year.

The fall of the leaves is perhaps my favourite thing about Autumn, watching the world change colour and hearing the crunch of the golden leaves beneath my wellies as I make my way to the stables, where I will find my pony growing ever-increasingly hairy as his natural instincts tell him that the colder weather is just around the corner. But equally, I love the evenings spent huddled beneath a blanket under a canopy in the garden with my mum as we refuse to let the cold nights drive us inside. I adore feeling a warm tea work its way through my shivering body, I love digging out my woolly jumpers, my hand knitted hat and my cosy mittens. I enjoy settling in at night as the evenings draw in earlier (not too early just yet though, thankfully) and then waking in the morning to find a fog sitting heavily over the garden. I relish the smell of damp clothes filling the hallway, the sight of my sleepy cats cosied up against one another on the sofa and the childish sentiment of ‘being a dragon’ that never fails to amuse me when I take a deep breath on those colder Autumn days. I love watching the steam rise as you step into a warm shower, wet clothes strewn to another side of the room. And then there is the excitement of buying new clothes, a new raincoat, new wellies; all new things to go with the new season.

The list could go on and on, I love everything that Autumn brings with it, just as I love all that Winter, Spring and Summer bring upon their own timed arrivals. And each year I try to take it all in, to lodge it all in my brain so that the familiar smells, sights and sounds that Autumn brings with it linger on in my mind and yet each year it seems to take me pleasantly by surprise all over again.


These are the moments that I adore about Autumn’s arrival but I would love to know what your favourite parts are?

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