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Looking Into 2017

busy b 2017 diary with pens and a motivational postcard


Well, at the risk of sounding 20 years older than I am – WHERE HAS THIS YEAR GONE? How is it already December and how are we nearly at the end of 2016? For me this time of each year is mixed with a dose of nostalgia, of fear for the coming year and excitement at the prospect of a ‘new’ start. I know that you can, of course, start afresh at any point of the year but there is something revitalising about moving ahead into something new with the entirety of the planet stepping across the threshold with you.

And in an attempt to truly begin anew, I’ve decided to get myself organised well in advance. Next year will bring with it the final half of my final year of uni and ahead of that there is a big chunk of uncertainty in my future, meaning that I am already desperately clinging onto the small things that I can still control in my life. There are going to be a lot of big changes next year; I’m hopefully going to graduate, find a job that is outside of the retail realm, pack up my life in Reading and move both Beano and I home and I have no doubt that all of those changes are going to take their toll so in order to make sure that I both achieve the things I need to, make the most of the latter part of my third year and make 2017 a million miles better than 2016 has been to me (to us all), I thought it was about time I got planning. And just as I made that decision, Busy B came to my rescue with the gift of a diary from their 2017 range.


Now, as I’m sure most of us are – it’s no shock that I’m really fussy when it comes to my stationery choices; I have to pick products that have all of the necessary parts that I need, that look pretty and that are a suitable size for everyday use so I generally end up just not buying anything at all as I can rarely find something that fits into every category. However, for the first time in far too long I’ve found the dream diary and I can happily say that I was delighted when I flicked through the inside pages because they are equally as beautifully laid out as the outside cover is.

I selected the Stripe To-Do* Diary largely because it comes in a gorgeous array of blues which is my absolute favourite colour but more so because of the range of different pages that the website showed the diary having inside. And while it looked good on the website, it looks far better in reality. More than just being a calendar diary, this one has additional notes pages and calendar squares, plus it’s the perfect size for throwing into my handbag when I head out for the day meaning that I don’t have to worry about ever being apart from my diary when I need to jot something down. (Something that often happens as I’m a big advocator of small bags and will happily leave behind anything that stops me from being able to bring my camera)


Which brings me onto another point, the diary also has a pen loop on the side and while that may seem like a small thing to you, it is an absolute godsend of an addition to what was already my dream stationery staple because I will now no longer have to face the horrible sinking feeling I get when I realise that I forgot to pack a pen alongside the diary.

To put it simply this diary has everything that I look for in an organisational tool so here is to looking forward into 2017, a year that will hopefully be a million, gazillion times better than 2016 has been (because lets be honest, it can’t really get much worse) but equally here is to hoping that 2017 wil be the year that I become more organised. (A girl can dream)

I feel as though I’ve given the impression that I’m really unorganised and in reality that is true BUT it is only true if I don’t have a place to write down my appointments, important dates and to do lists and long gone are those days now that I have a pre-purchased diary set aside for 2017. The way I see it is that there is no shame in admitting you need a bit of help keeping organised and with bills for a house, a pony, a car, appointments and deadlines for uni and work to keep on top of, I’m very happy to admit that I can’t keep all of those bits stored inside my head! And to the rest of you unorganised people who, like me, need stationery pieces to keep your life together, alongside a strong diary I highly recommend purchasing sticky notes, to do lists, motivational signs and an unlimited supply of pens (uni tip, go to the freshers fayre every year even if you’re not a fresher anymore because not only do they have free pizza but they also have SO many free pens and you can never have too many).

If any of you have any extra tips on leading an organised life please enlighten me in the comments!
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