Vintage Kilo Sale

rails of clothing at a vintage kilo sale bag in Reading

Despite hearing about them all over the place, until yesterday I had never actually been to a Vintage Kilo Sale and I had simply lived vicariously through bloggers and friends I know of who have visited them in London. Generally speaking I’m not really one to get excited about clothes and shopping is definitely not my thing at all, I’d much rather browse the stores online and to be honest even that is a rare occurrence, but there are few things that I love more than a unique find and a bargain. The two combined pretty much make themselves into a vintage kilo sale all on their own and so, naturally, I was overjoyed to hear that Reading was finally playing host to one of these events and even happier to find that I had been invited along to the event for free.

Reading Vintage Kilo Sale

Reading Vintage Sale

After a week of building excitement (and tirelessly working away on my dissertation so that I felt that I truly deserved the morning off) I trotted myself and my housemate along to the London Road Campus for the 10am open. As we approached the Great Hall we pushed back the flashbacks that came from the previous summer in which the room played host to exam after exam and flooded in with all of the other early birds in order to find ourselves some bargains. And boy, am I glad we did get up early as when we left just over an hour later the queue was enormous!

Inside, the room was crammed with rails and rails of clothes that were filled with everything from denim jackets, to a mountain of checked shirts, to dresses and pretty blouses. You name it, it was most likely there. The idea is that you just pay £15 per kilo, so you’re given a bag when you walk in and you just stuff it full with your finds before taking it to the weigh station. And the best part? If you don’t quite manage to find yourself a kilo worth of clothes, you just pay for the weight that you do accumulate. So, after a sufficient amount of time spent rummaging and elbowing people out of the way (I’m only joking, the entire event was surprisingly sophisticated) I left with a smile on my face and a bag filled with a cardigan, a blouse and an oversized shirt – all for just £13.50!

While I’ve got my fingers (and toes) crossed that the sale returns to Reading again before I graduate, it does actually travel across the country so it is worth you taking a look at their Facebook page as it will keep you up-to-date with the locations that they are going to be heading to in the coming months!

Vintage Kilo Sale


  • Get in early. If you can get yourself a queue-jumper or an early bird ticket, do as it’s worth getting in early to grab a bargain and obviously missing the crowds is never a bad thing.
  • Once you’re in, be determined – this is the one place where wandering around aimlessly is not going to get you anywhere so dig in and you’ll be surprised with what you’ll find lurking at the bottom of some of the bins or crammed in on the overflowing rails!
  • But more than anything, bear in mind that a kilo actually goes a long way. I got myself three items, one of which was a bulky cardigan and still didn’t quite make it to the full kilo. Plus if you get to the weigh station to find you do find that you’ve managed to get a lot more than you had bargained for then you can always place a few pieces back on the rails; it’s better for it to be that way round than for you to end up regretting not picking up that t-shirt you had your eye on all morning as the chances are when you go back to the rail, someone else will have already snapped it up.
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    I was invited to the Vintage Sale for review purposes but all views remain entirely my own and honest. Click here to read my full disclaimer.
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