Monthly Round Up: March 2017

March monthly round up

March 2017 collage

This month three of my housemates handed in their dissertations and the other one stole the show at her choir showcase with her singing solo, so to say that I’m feeling proud of my friends would be an understatement right now. Otherwise, this month has been full of wonderfully mundane moments that have come together to put a smile on my face.

Uni-wise, March has been a bit of a slow burner; I completed and handed in my first assignment of the term and toiled my way through my dissertation but the main haul is going to come in April when I hand in my final two pieces of coursework (ever!), complete my dissertation and sit my final two exams. And, while it hasn’t really hit me yet, as of the middle of the month I was able to say that I had endured my last ever seminar and even now as I write this I’m still not sure on whether I’m happy or sad about that!

This month I also managed to squeeze in not one but two trips home, both of which were well needed even if they were only organised so that I could attend interviews. They were worth taking the time out for though because it meant that not only did I get to enjoy a few days of home-cooked food and days curled up on the sofa with my cats but it also resulted in me being offered a job following my graduation! SO, as of the beginning of June I will officially begin my first ‘real’ job as a content creator for a marketing company and I am so unbelievably excited to start the next chapter of my life.

March 2017 month collage

March hasn’t entirely been about big life changing moments though – there have been plenty of smaller but equally as special parts too. This month my friends and I have binge watched Big Little Lies and fully emersed ourselves in detective work while watching Broadchurch. My mum and nan surprised me by visiting one weekend and so I spent a lovely Sunday morning showing them around uni before enjoying THE tastiest pub lunch at The Prince of Wales pub in Caversham. And, after I had a momentary breakdown following the receipt of our exam timetables (which the uni have managed to spectacularly mess up this year), my housemates rallied around to pull me back up and if it wasn’t for them I would probably still be wallowing in my bedroom right now. Post breakdown, I enjoyed a Mexican food evening with friends, a games night complete with a glass of wine, watched (and in internally sobbed at) Comic Relief and went on a trip to the cinema to see Beauty and the Beast (which far exceeded my expectations!).

The weather also started to pick up towards the latter end of the month which has simultaneously brightened my mood and meant that my housemates all came along for an afternoon trip to see Beano, much more to their delight than his I think, although he did appreciate the extra carrots. Beano has also enjoyed the first rug free days of the year and while he was making the most of the sun on his back last week while it was 19 degrees outside, my housemate and I were doing the same thing in the garden with a book in our hands.

All-in-all I can’t grumble too much about this month, if you exclude the anger I am currently holding against the university for their mess up anyway. April, however, is going to be chaotic and I can’t say that I’m really looking forward to it but I’ve got my fingers crossed that it is going to go far better than expected…

This Month Simplified:

Books Read: The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood, Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood and this Vogue Influencer Article.

Money Spent On: Two trips back home, a cinema trip, two birthday gifts for my housemates and feed for Beano.

TV Shows/Movies I’ve Watched: Big Little Lies, Riverdale, Broadchurch, The 33, Beauty and the Beast and Moana.

Things I’ve Written: Sights of Spring, Thoughts on Third Year and an essay on The Blind Assassin and The Handmaid’s Tale.


I hope that your year is still going fabulously!

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