Monthly Round Up: April 2017

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April has been a roller-coaster, a complete and utter roller-coaster. Monumentally, however, I feel that this round up should begin by saying that as of the 28th April I lost the title of ‘student’. After three years of tears, hard-work and far too many phone-calls home to count I can now, finally, say that I have completed my degree. Three years down the line however, I am now a graduate, I have taken my final exams and I have a glorious month stretching out before me to tie up loose ends before I begin my job as a Content Creator.

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Education-aside, this month actually began with a bang from day one and ended in a similar fashion. On the first of April I took the train from rainy Reading to sunny Oxford and spent an hour listening to the editor-in-chief of Vogue, Alexandra Shulman, giving a talk. Afterwards I left clutching my signed copy of her autobiography and finished the day by stuffing myself silly at lunch with a friend. The month drew to a close with a trip to a local food festival with my housemate and so I ended April feeling as stuffed as when I began it. The festival was set in the grounds of the Mapledurham estate and had numerous food stands, small stalls and plenty of food samples, which we diligently tested.

Although the month started off well and ended fairly cheerfully, the middle section wasn’t quite so wonderful.After the uni fired far too many of its administrative staff members last year, it discovered far too late on in this term that it didn’t actually have enough people to get the exam timetables out on time. Several weeks after they have arrived in previous years, we finally received them only to discover that in the space of ten days the English students would be handing in our dissertations, handing in two pieces of coursework at the same time as we were in an exam and sitting all of our finals, leaving us to finish university just four days after the exam period had begun. This month has therefore been fueled with stress from very early on and it was with a real relief that I walked out of my final exam on Friday. However, I did manage to cram in a visit from my mum and nan, and from my dad at a later date which meant two trips out for a free lunch – something that I definitely cannot grumble about!

Unfortunately this month not only brought with it a fresh bout of exam-induced stress but across the same time period a member of my family passed away and my grandma was rushed into hospital. Understandably, this month has been awash with waves of grief and worry in amongst the days of stress and the few scattered days spent doing something that was intended to keep my spirits high.

In less than a week from today, however, I will finally be moving home and I am feeling content to know that I will finally be able to work through everything that has gone on this month without the stress of exams looming over my head. And while I still have a few more trips back that I need to make back to Reading over the course of the next month for awards, graduation events and to bring all of my belongings home, I am looking forward to closing the door on this chapter of my life.

This Month Simplified:

Books Read: Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood.

Money Spent On: Cocktails for a birthday celebration, presents with a friend’s birthday, Beano.

TV Shows/Movies I’ve Watched: Pretty Little Liars, Casting JonBenet, Imperium, the BBC adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Things I’ve Written: Two exams, four essays, my dissertation and two pieces of coursework totaling to over 15,000 words.


I hope that your April was a little brighter than mine was!

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