Monthly Round-Up: June 2017

view out over willen lake from willen hospice

So… It has taken me over a week to realise that we are no longer in June. Hence this round up being so late.

But boy, what a month June was! From starting my first ‘adult’ job, to booking a holiday, celebrating my birthday, to moving into my own house, to reviewing what was quite possibly the poshest restaurant I have ever stepped foot inside of – I feel as if I did it all in June!

June 2017 Final Collage

But let’s start at the beginning, shall we? Way back on the first of June I began working as a Social Media Content Creator for a local marketing company. Despite having had more jobs than I can count in the past, this is the first job that I have really felt ‘right’ in. I feel as if I have landed on my feet and I’m loving every aspect of the job. Don’t get me wrong, it is terrifying to know that I have a ‘real’ job and that the things I am doing have a real impact on the success of my clients. But at the same time it is exhilarating to be doing a job that I absolutely love AND knowing that I am being paid for it! Let’s hope it continues, aye?

In the middle of the month I celebrated my birthday. It was in the midst of the heatwave so on my birthday, after starting the day with breakfast at the Harvester, we ran out for an emergency paddling pool purchase. The rest of the day was then spent with my friends and family, paddling our feet and sipping on a cider! It was beyond perfect and to say I was spoilt was an understatement. I was treated to my very own ‘vintage’ looking bicycle and since then I’ve been out and about all over the local area on it. I was also spoilt rotten with a new summer raincoat, some new half chaps for riding in and enough books to keep me very happy for quite a while!

In fact, I was spoiled even more by one of my closest friends who treated me to a night out to Whipsnade Zoo. It was a special evening event and it was incredible! To say that it was one of the highlights of the month, in a month full of highlights, should go some way in explaining just HOW much I loved this present! We spent our evening wandering from talk-to-talk, visiting giraffes, cheetahs, penguins, elephants and so many other animals, before finishing the night with a fire-display. And while I was exhausted by the time we reached the car, I climbed into bed at the other end with a smile on my face and too many memories to list.

And my birthday was finished off perfectly by receiving the news that I would be graduating with a 2:1 in English Literature. When I first heard that our results were being released on my birthday I was nervous to say the least but as usual I should have believed in myself a little more. All of my module grades varied from 1sts to 2:1’s and to come out with a high 2:1 overall definitely rounded my birthday off perfectly.

June 2017 Monthly Round Up

In other, somewhat bittersweet news, as my great grandmother has now moved into a nursing home, I officially moved into her annex on my grandparents house. It has been an occassionally uncomfortable process but as we’ve since had the carpets replaced it’s slowly starting to look and feel a bit more like it is ‘mine’. It’s surreal to think that in just over a month I’ve gone from living in a student house, to moving back into the box room at my mum’s house, to now having a place that I can call my own. And so, as a result, most of June has been spent slowly moving my belongings in and buying a few household items! I will hopefully be doing a ‘tour’ of the house on here as soon as things are looking finished so keep your eyes peeled!

And then, to round the month off wonderful my friend Emma and I were invited to review Seasons Restaurant in Milton Keynes. We enjoyed a three-course meal, complemented with free-flowing champagne and left feeling unbelievably full and content!

And so, while May was about rebooting myself, June was about re-establishing myself and preparing for the future. It’s safe to say that June was both terrifying and exciting, and that it had more than its fair share of exhausting moments. But it was worth it.

This Month Simplified:

Books Read: 0 (how appalling!)

Money Spent On: Shoes for my graduation, household items.

TV Shows/Movies I’ve Watched: Pretty Little Liars, The Handmaid’s Tale, Nocturnal Animals.

Things I’ve Written: A couple of blog posts for work, blog posts for my clients and a review of Seasons Restaurant.


I hope you enjoyed your June and that you have as much planned for July as I do!

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