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Summer with Beano

So, seeing as I’ve already told you all of the things that I love about Autumn, Winter and Spring, it seemed only right that I now turned to the things that I love most about Summer.

A few years ago if you’d have asked me which season was my favourite, I probably would have shouted Summer at you. Fast forward to today and I would actually say that Spring and Autumn are my top two, with Summer sliding in at third place and Winter trailing along behind in fourth. But regardless, there are still so many things that I do love about Summer, so here we go…

The long days have to be top of the list because, as much as I love the slightly chillier months, I hate the short days and dark evenings. Arriving at work and then back home in the evening in the dark during the Winter really takes its toll on me, so I welcome the brighter days of Summer with open arms. And in general, while I will admit that living in Britain does lend itself to a somewhat unpredictable climate irregardless to the season we are in, Summer typically has more sunny days than the other three seasons.

And with sunny days comes Pimms. I adore the fact that us Brits associate Pimms with Summer because it is actually an alcoholic drink that I can get on board with. As well as the race to finish an ice cream before it melts all over your hand, which is still just as exciting at twenty-three as it was when I was a child. I enjoy being able to eat my dinner outside, I love being able to smell BBQ’s everywhere you go and hear music playing as people make the most of being able to sit outside long after the sun has eventually gone down. I love that, while Spring brings life with it, Summer brings colour. Everything seems brighter, more vibrant in the Summer. And while I do love the heat, I also adore being able to feel a cool breeze rush through the open windows and doors of my house.


As a horse owner, I love the fact that the horses can live out 24/7, I love the extra hours in my day that gives me and that Beano is happier. I love being able to go on three hour hacks without freezing and I love that, when we aren’t hacking, we are able to go to local shows.

Most of all though, I love the excitement, the buzz, the chatter that comes from Summer. Everything seems possible. The future seems hopeful. The days are spent planning trips away, the evenings are spent packing the cars full of my belongings. Why? Because Summer is all about travelling, whether that be on a road-trip to the beach or on a plane to a far off country. And then? Well, then, Summer is about the feeling of sand beneath your toes, the smell of salty air, wavy hair, bare-faces, the excitement of exploring a new place, the lure of a life away from reality.

And so, while there might be some aspects of Summer that I don’t enjoy quite as much, it’s still pretty incredible – isn’t it?

What do you love most about Summer?

Things I love about summer

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