Monthly Round-Up: July 2017

July 2017 Collage

I really need to start keeping a better track of the days and, at the risk of sounding twenty years older than I am, this year really IS flying past! But maybe July flew by because there were a few rather important events scattered across the month….

July 2017 Collage

My graduation was the first big event and despite being unbelievably stressed out for the most part, I did eventually relax – after making it up to collect my certificate without falling flat on my face anyway! The rest of the day was then spent throwing my mortar board into the air, smiling for photos and twirling around in my gown. And finally, after a quick stop at my favourite Reading restaurant for a fish and chips, it was time to return home, back to a reality as a graduate…

The next big event came at the end of July. And, boy did the month finish with a bang. A group of friends and I loaded up our ponies on the last weekend of July for what has become our annual weekend trip to Holkham Beach in Norfolk. And while the holiday planning process was anything but simple this year, once we had finally all made it to the campsite on the East coast the holiday went relatively smoothly. We enjoyed a weekend of riding along the beach, swimming in the sea on the ponies, eating copious amounts of food and drinking far too much alcohol. Beach, banter and booze sums up the long weekend quite well in all honesty and it was definitely the perfect way to end a wonderful month.

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Of course there have been the smaller, equally as important, moments too – I went for lunch at the Pancake Parlour in Olney and thanks to all of the road closures going on around Milton Keynes at the moment it took twice as long as it should have done to get there but it provided us with plenty of giggles and we were beyond appreciative of our pancakes when we got there!

I also made my biggest purchase for a while in July, as I bought myself a Volkswagen Golf. While it is still a fairly old car, I’m just happy that I finally own a car with a decent sized engine and that people are no longer asking me when I’m going to upgrade from a ‘first’ car.

July was also a really good work month. I was offered another day at my permanent job, meaning I’m now working four days a week which is a real bonus for my bank balance. And blog wise, I was given the chance to collaborate with Clive Christian in July – a British perfume company that I have fallen head over heels with (so that extra day at work is probably going to come in quite handy soon…).

And so, while I don’t really have much to say about July, it was a month that was book-ended by two brilliant occasions and filled with a wealth of mundane but magical moments. Hopefully I will have a bit more to share at the end of August, but for now I’m happy knowing that I had a lovely month that was slightly less hectic than but just as wonderful as my June was.

This Month Simplified:

Books Read: 1/2 of Swallows and Amazons (how appalling, again!)

Money Spent On: Icecream by the seaside, Frenches fish & chips, Dinner at The Golden Fleece in Norfolk. A new car.

TV Shows/Movies I’ve Watched: The Circle, Ok-Ja (Definitely do not recommend this one unless you want to cry/feel sick).

Things I’ve Written: Plenty of blog posts for work and a few blog posts for here that are scheduled for August (so keep your eyes peeled!).


I hope that your July was as magical as mine was!

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